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  About us

“Dinamo” LTD, Sevlievo was found in 1948 as an Automotive Maintenance Station.
In 1967 ă. it became a Maintenance and Repairs Station for agricultural machines.
In 1977 ă. it got the name Dinamo and became a Subsidairy company of the Bulgarian Committee of Casting and Metals.
In 1991 by virtue of the new Commercial Law, Dinamo Ltd was registered as a Limited Company.

Our oroduction :


- Precision castings out of carbon stainless steel, alloyed steel as well as copper alloys by the melting mould method
- Castings out of zinc and aluminum alloys – castings under pressure
- Castings out of cast iron, aluminum alloys – casting in sand and metal moulds
- Copper and aluminum alloys in ingots

We produce different parts for machines, tools (hammers, axes, broadaxes, mattock, adzes, paddles, picks, hoes, cotter, pitchfork), parts for the electrical industry, automotive industry, agricultural machines and many other different parts.


- Metal wardrobes
- Metal-work for instruments
- Fitter plots


- Solid fuel fireplaces
- Solid fuel fireplaces with water jacket


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